Organizational Practice and America’s Decline

I recently received the dubious honor of election to the board of a national scholarly association that will remain nameless. My board service begins with a series of web-assisted conference calls for “training.” Before anything substantive can be discussed, we are to learn about board “theory.” Here is one of the Powerpoints that was introduced as part of our education. I invite you to marvel at the profundities contained therein.

What the fuck could these people possibly be thinking? What could a graphic like this conceivably tell anyone about anything? Yet this was presented to a bunch of university professors. Someone took the time to make it.

I often see stuff like this on people’s laptops on airplanes (in coach, of course). This sort of thing also makes regular appearances at my faculty meetings–and now more of you will understand my ongoing complaints about my university.

In all seriousness, I view overheads like this as evidence of American decline, be it in our universities or our corporations. Couldn’t we be doing real work instead?

Haven’t had your fill? Need more enlightenment? Don’t worry! I can ply you with dozens more that are even more thought-provoking.

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